Drumset for Beginners: Latin


The vast genre that is Latin music is a daunting task to begin to understand, particularly for drums and percussion.

This book will provide you with a valuable introduction to the building blocks of Latin music, accompanied by in depth analysis, encouragement of self development and most importantly, application!

Drumset for Beginners: Latin is the latest book release by internationally acclaimed educator, Paul Hose.

Here is what the industry has to say about this new and exciting method book.

The vast genre that is Latin music is a daunting task to begin to understand, particularly for drums and percussion. This book will provide you with a valuable introduction to the building blocks of Latin music, accompanied by in depth analysis, encouragement of self development and most importantly, application! This book also revisits some essential technique and body ergonomics, crucial for the modern drum kit player. Having this amount of material in the one book (with the accompanying audio & video links) will keep the most accomplished teachers and students occupied for years to come! It’s a pleasure knowing and working with Paul in excess of 15 years and I look forward to working through this book myself!

Andy Robertson

(Session musician, RSL Examiner & 2018 Bass Syllabus arranger, Lead Sheet arranger for Chaka Khan)

This book is great for drummers who want to explore several Latin genres for the first time or want to dig deeper within each genre explored. It is also a great resource for those who want to learn how to solo but perhaps don’t know where to start. The concepts offered are wide ranging and clear, the videos are really helpful and the play-alongs are very well produced.

Ray Luzier

(Korn, Dave Lee Roth)

Paul has written a wonderful introduction to Latin drumming with his new book. The substyles presented are handled in an approachable and musical manner, easy for any drummer to apply straight away. I also appreciate the detailed section on technique and hand/foot position, and the many exercises to develop good facility in any style. The play-along tracks are terrific, capping off an excellent new drum method that is clear, effective, musical and fun! Nice work, Paul!

Joe Bergamini

(Drummer, educator, author, Sabian Education network)

This is an excellent resource for an introduction to the incredible diversity in Latin, Brazilian and World music drum styles. All the basics are here. Well done Paul!

David Garibaldi

(Tower of Power)

Paul Hose has again put together a fantastic exciting drummer’s guide. This time to learn Latin drumming and open your ideas to the world of Latin music! This is a very clear step by step, page by page, process to understand exciting rhythms. Paul is a top musician and educator inspiring thousands of drummers world wide. Join him in this adventure to expand your musical fun and be the next generation to share your expression! Have fun!

Dom Famularo

(Drumming’s Global Ambassador)

Hose’s book is generously produced an illustrated, and its examples are laid out accessible for the student drummer. He importantly emphasises the spirit and emotion behind the notes and the rhythms, and leaves us with a ‘feeling’ for the imaginative and lively aspects of this style of music. A solid foundational work.

Virgil Donati

(Ice Fish, Allan Holdsworth, Steve Vai)

As a fan of the book, Drumset for Beginners, I was intrigued upon learning about the development of the book you are now reading. I knew it would be good and was even more pleased with how it exceeded my expectations.

In my own playing, first as a student, then as a professional, and for almost 30 years as an educator, I have sought authority in the tools I learn and teach from. My journey through drumming has illuminated the joy and importance of being a world citizen. It has allowed me to interact with a wide variety of people from different cultures around the world. There is magic in learning what makes different people and their indigenous music unique and affirmation of the human spirit in how we are also all the same. The human race is diverse and culture is a gift we can share with each other.

Paul points out in the introduction that emotion and passion are key elements in mastering the rhythms presented here and I second that notion. In my drumming I strive, especially when playing the music of other cultures than my own, to be believable in what I’m communicating through my rhythmic expression. I believe knowledge is power and, as mentioned, I draw from authority in the people and tools I choose to learn from.

Living in a time where information is abundant and easier to access than ever before I can honestly and enthusiastically say this is definitely a product I wish I had when I was a beginner when such information was not as easy for me to find! It takes great care in laying a solid foundation for its studies not just rhythmically and stylistically but also geographically and historically. That is significant because it gives the student tools with which they can search beyond the studies presented here if wanting to focus more specifically on any styles in more advanced directions.

The drumset patterns selected are authentic as are the related playalong loops and that music, as well as the full songs with charts, is both infectious and inviting to play! The chapter on developing technique is well-presented and worthwhile because, for drummers, learning how to play the music effectively begins with coordination. Listening helps the player understand how to balance the feel dynamically and developing one’s technique helps achieve command in performance where a variety of challenging tempos and dynamic levels are required to communicate believably and with authority.

Overall, this method exudes a spirit of fun along with its challenges which will keep players on any level busy and happy for years to come. Dig in!

David Stanoch

(Award winning author and educator)

Online support material

This book is accompanied by over 140 videos and 16 play along pieces of music. In addition, playlists have been compiled giving you hours of music to listen to and play along with. Already have the book? Turn to page i, follow the instructions and gain access immediately at no extra cost. Please remember, the book and the online support material are companions. You will require both elements in order to fully enjoy this new and exciting method book.
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