Drumset for Beginners: Latin Course


The vast genre that is Latin music is a daunting task to begin to understand, particularly for drums and percussion.

This accompanying course will provide you with a valuable introduction to the building blocks of Latin music, accompanied by in-depth analysis, encouragement of self-development and most importantly, application!

This course together with the book also revisits some essential technique and body ergonomics, crucial for the modern drum kit player. Having this amount of material in the one book (with the accompanying audio & video links) will keep the most accomplished teachers and students occupied for years to come!

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Drumset for Beginners: Latin Supporting Material


Accessing the support material


  • You can access the supporting material both quickly and easily by clicking the register button. Follow the registration process and you will be given immediate access once registration is completed;
  • The 10 digit ISBN access code can be found on the back cover of the book (bottom left-hand corner)
  • REMEMBER: the 10 digit ISBN code reduces the cost of the support material to £0.00

The process

  1. Click Register
  2. Add the 10 digit code to the coupon box;
  3. Complete the registration process and you’re in!


The book


Remember, this supporting material requires you to have a copy of the book in order to gain full understanding of the material provided.

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