One thing that innovative artists and educators do, is adapting with the times. This is one aspect to Paul's understanding as entrepreneur which is invaluable. He is searching for ways to make drum education deliverable through a variety channels, as well as the use of updated technology. - Mark Manczuk - leading educator in Los Angeles


Paul Hose began teaching in 1992 and as his career grew, he saw a gap in the marketplace for a music school that allowed individuals and groups to study in a fun and flexible way at times that suited them rather than following an academic year.

Paul therefore took it upon himself to embed himself within the Music Manufacturing Industry to forge strategic partnerships with key industry figures that would support his school thus giving kudos to it both locally and beyond. As technology moved forward and Paul’s understanding of international markets grew, MLC-Academy an acronym standing for Music Learning Collective, morphed into offering both a high street and internet based high quality experience.


MLC-Academy - Located in Nottingham, West Bridgford and in Marseille, the schools exists is to educate and inspire people of all ages and abilities, offering both personal and professional development at times and places and suit their needs.The business is heavily involved with the music industry and has strong community links too.

MLC-University - is a modern internet based distance learning and teaching portal enabling people to achieve their career and life goals studying at times and in places to suit them. The mission of MLC-U is to be open to all people - regardless of age and ability thus widening participation in education and making a selection of our learning resources available free of charge - without sacrificing quality.
MLC-U uses tried and tested methods of delivering distance learning, offering "supported distance learning" by way of peer to peer (p2p) sessions, question/answer forums and frequent surveys - all of which are designed to support both the teacher and student. MLC-U courses are designed to be challenging, rewarding and relevant. MLC-U students can study both accredited and non-accredited courses.

Abbey Road Music - Our team at ARM are highly qualified, professional musicians who will guide you through your entire experience from the moment you walk into our extensive showrooms in West Bridgford.

For me the creative process reaches far wider than music. I want to empower people - to help them realise their potential not only as a musician but as a teacher and in business too because I believe that we thrive when we are creative.

- Paul Hose