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Drumset for Beginners: Latin


Accessing the support material


Please read this information carefully;

  • If you have already registered at, you can access the supporting material both quickly and easily by clicking the “take this course” button. Upon clicking it, you will be given immediate access to the material;
  • If you do not have an account at, Follow the registration process and you will be given immediate access once registration is completed;

Registration process

  1. Navigate to the contact page and complete the form ensuring that you select DS4B: Latin and that you input the 10 digit code;
  2. Your account will then be activated manually. This is done to limit trolls and spam;
  3. Once your account is live, you are able to enroll on this course;



If you require assistance at any time with your membership, please contact me. Thank you.

The book


Remember, this supporting material requires you to have a physical copy of the book in order to gain full understanding of the material provided.

You will need a copy of the book, Drumset for Beginners: Latin in order to use this support material.

Remember, there is no additional cost to use this material.

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