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Drumset for Beginners

About the book

Layout 1Drumset for Beginners is an exciting and innovative approach to teaching and learning how to play drums. Even while acquiring the basics, students are given room to ‘express’ themselves through the application of essential structural and technical devices. More than this, the book then takes a journey around all the key styles that are the cornerstone of any drummer’s technique, offering a wide selection of subsidiary materials that point the student in the direction of further study once the basics of each style have been mastered. An accompanying MP3CD allows the student direct aural inspiration, but also, the featured play-alongs act as a goal and progress indicator for student and teacher, as well as being great tracks in their own right!

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David Garibaldi: A Video Insight

video_insight_garibaldiA free package of lessons comprising of a short film that illustrates how to thread together classic titles such as Stick Control with contemporary titles such as Future Sounds and comes complete with a PDF booklet containing drum lessons relating to the material discussed within the film.

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