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Queen News of the World at 40

I watched a fantastic documentary last night on the BBC iPlayer by Bob Harris. The film followed rock gods, Queen on tour in 1977 and celebrated the 40th anniversary of the album, News of the World.

The film was candid. It was a real treat to see the band in the studio recording hits from the album such as We Are The Champions and My Melancholy Blues. It reminded me of just how raw the album is – especially considering that it follows A Night at the Opera and A Day At The Races.

It was interesting to see the band being human, their guards down – Freddie playing the drums during sound checks, having fun with each other and telling each other to f**k off – all very human and quite frankly, all very normal. Delightful.

The film served to re-enforce my belief that Queen still continue to be the best stadium rock band that ever walked the earth and I for one will be rushing out today to buy a new copy of the album!

The film is still available (correct at the time this article was published) on the iPlayer. Go and check it out!

About the album

News of the World is the sixth studio album by the British rock band Queen, released on 28 October 1977 by EMI Records in the United Kingdom and by Elektra Records in the United States. It went 4x platinum in the United States, and achieved high certifications around the world, selling over 6 million copies. Wikipedia.

Queen New of the World
Queen New of the World

A.I.R. Turin continues to grow in popularity

x4m perform school of musicians in Turin now has 19 students studying on my Artist In Residence (A.I.R.) course and it is set to grow in popularity.

The course (A.I.R.) aims to get a group of students ready to sit either a Trinity College (London) or a RSL Awards graded exam, either grade 3 for competent beginners, grade 5 for lower intermediates and grade 8 for higher intermediates. X4M in Turin now has 2 classes running simultaneously.

On November 11th guitarist, Lee Wrathe and I flew to Turin to deliver the latest instalment of the course.

Paul Hose Nottingham - Torino
Paul Hose Nottingham – Torino

The class was given on the Sunday and it was a complete success. Support courses have now been launched on

To find out more about this exciting course, please email Paul.

Beautiful Milan Cathederal -
Beautiful Milan Cathederal –

Natal Drum Kits Now In Stock At Abbey Road Music

I have been a proud endorser of Natal Drums since their launch in 2011. I am delighted to announce that Natal drum kits are now in stock at Abbey Road Music.

Natal Arcadia at Abbey Road Music Nottingham
Natal Arcadia at Abbey Road Music Nottingham

Having Natal Drums in stock is an exciting and logical progression for us as it further boosts our commitment to providing both our customers at Abbey Road Music and our students at MLC Academy with the best instruments possible at an affordable price.

Whistle Stop Visit To MLC Academy Marseille

MLC Academy, Marseille recently celebrated it’s fifth birthday! Here is an account of my recent whistle stop visit.

My trip to MLC Academy, Marseille was important for several reasons. They are a small team and I enjoy catching up with the management and teachers and it helps me understand the differences between our achievements and challenges and gives us all an opportunity to ensure that our growing brand identity and message is understood and delivered.


I chose to travel from Nottingham to Marseille on the train rather than flying. I calculated that it would take an extra two hours and I could leave our home at 9.30am rather than 2.00am! I spent my time making notes, reading and frequenting the on-board bar and restaurant and arrived remarkably fresh at 8.30pm

Nottingham to Marseille -
Nottingham to Marseille –

The Day

Tuesday was a busy day! It began with three hours of meetings and research. I then set up to film three videos for Rob’s online school before preparing to give a master class to a group of students in the evening. The day was intense and extremely rewarding.

Filming for
Filming for


My inbound journey was as pleasurable as the one I took only 48 hours before. Breakfast in Marseille, Lunch in Paris and dinner in London before heading north to Nottingham. I spent my time editing videos for my forthcoming multimedia book that I hope to release April 2018.

The trip was an absolute success. Thanks to Rob and Therese for their tireless efforts at MLC-Academy, Marseille and a note of thanks to my industry partners, Sabian, Natal, Promark and Evans for their continued support.

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Artist In Residence – Turin: A great success

Last weekend I was fortunate enough to work with a fantastic group of Italian drummers. Here’s our story.


Flight to Milan. Boring. Another soulless Ryanair voyage.

Ryanair flight to Milan
Ryanair flight to Milan

Milan to Turin.

One of the most beautiful stations that I have seen in Europe. Utter madness on the train as a young female traveller was determined that her bike would sit next to her. The bike occupied the isle and to my amazement – the conductor seemed oblivious to its presence.

Milan Central Station - Paul Hose
Milan Central Station – Paul Hose


The main event! A group of talented drummers from X4M Perform School of Musicians worked throughout the day one of the Artist In Residence course!

Paul Hose Artist In Residence Turin
Paul Hose Artist In Residence Turin


The mobile office! A much needed day off combined with a brainstorming session.

Turin, Italy - Paul Hose
Turin, Italy – Paul Hose


Homeward bound! Tired but delighted with everyone’s input and effort. I look forward to seeing you all again very soon.

Ready for home. Paul Hose - Turin
Ready for home. Paul Hose – Turin

MLC Academy are excited to announce their new singing teachers, Laura Spencer and Ajay Henry.

Laura Spencer


Laura Spencer – MLC Academy
Laura Spencer – MLC Academy

Having trained professionally at the London College of Music and Trinity College London, Laura has taught singing for over a decade. In addition to her teaching commitments her involvements have included numerous recording sessions in the UK and Los Angeles and she has performed at prestigious venues all over the UK, such as the Albert Hall, the Theatre Royal Nottingham & Broadway Theatre London.

Trained classically, Laura enjoys all genres of music from Opera to Musical Theatre to Pop and Rock and she prides herself on bringing these varied styles into her lessons. As well as teaching Laura also works as a session singer and fronts 2 bands of professional musicians.

I’m delighted to be joining the fantastic team at MLC and I’m really excited to start working with students on their vocal development – Laura Spencer

Ajay Henry

Ajay Henry – Singing teacher at MLC Academy
Ajay Henry – Singing teacher at MLC Academy

Ajay Henry has been teaching singing since 2014. As well as being a self taught pianist & guitarist, he achieved his Grade 8 in Vocals from Rockschool a few years before starting to teach. Working away in America for periods of time over the last 3 years teaching vocals has helped Ajay grow as a teacher.

Music is Ajay’s biggest passion, something which he strives to pass on to his students. Helping them to understand and gain better control of their vocal abilities as well as ensuring they gain confidence in themselves and their skill.

I’m very excited to be joining the MLC team! I can’t wait to help students develop their skills and grow as performers! – Ajay Henry

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Three things I enjoy away from music

Getting away from work and the practice room increases productivity. Here are three things I enjoy away from music.

Time with friends - Paul Hose. Photo: K Spoors
Time with friends – Paul Hose. Photo: K Spoors
Victorian Architecture - Paul Hose
Victorian Architecture – Paul Hose
Travelling - Paul Hose
Travelling – Paul Hose